Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day

It's Earth Day 2009, and I am on a mission to rededicate myself to going green. Not that I haven't been living it (I've been doing pretty well actually!), but I haven't been on here talking about it.

Here are some personal updates:

I tried growing a mini forest in my bedroom in hopes that I could enjoy a little more greenery and clean air. I've done ok, but some of my plants have recently died. I'll be starting a new batch for the summer, may even grow my own produce :)

So we were doing really good with recycling at the house. I'm proud of my roomies for taking it so seriously with me! BUT, one day my land lord mentioned to my roomies that while it was good we were putting forward the effort, he always saw the garbage truck take the recycling bin!!! My heart broke! So, now I'm on a mission to find out whats up with DC recycling. I stopped in an eco-friendly store on U St and asked about it. They said DC collects all of the garbage together and separates everything at the dump, so we really don't need to do the separation at the house. Sounds complex, but Detective Green Irene is on the case... I think I'm going to request a tour of the dump for proof (this is DC, they'll tell you anything...)

My work continues with the Congressional Black Caucus, but our office is now housed by Rep. Barbara Lee from Oakland, California. It is GREAT to be in an office that takes recycling so seriously! What can I say, the West is the best... The CBC recently put out a letter on upcoming climate change legislation, highlighting the CBC's legislative priorities for protecting and empowering our communities. I'll post the text language soon so you can see that your Black legislators are serious about going green as well. In fact, at our last meeting Rep. Yvette D. Clarke requested that we no longer use Styrofoam materials. I heart her!

Please visit: to find an Earth Day project near you.

Peace & Green,

Irene Bianca


Anonymous said...

This is your friend and colleague P. You are not only green, but a recycling Nazi. Nevertheless, I applaud your efforts and promise to stop throwing my plastic pop bottles in the trash can. I may, however, draw a moratorium on washing the corn-plastic forks from the cafeteria which is unsanitary. You Go Black/Green Girl!

Sean said...

I applaud your efforts. Please take a moment to take a look at my site. I am a Certified Green Consultant. I can help you with your efforts. I am a graduate of Maryland Eastern Shore, but I live in Charlotte, NC right now. Take a look and hit me back.